Welcome to our Concierge Psychiatry service, where personalized care meets unparalleled convenience, providing a pathway to optimal mental well-being tailored specifically to your needs. Our approach redefines the traditional doctor-patient relationship, offering exclusive access to a dedicated psychiatrist who is committed to your holistic health journey.

Dr. Stefani LaFrenierre MD psychiatrist

Stefani LaFrenierre, MD

Why Working with Dr. LaFrenierre May be Right for You:

I provide a warm, empathic, and active therapy style to help ease you into treatment while working with you to achieve your goals. I believe in educating my patients every step of the way to help guide treatment decisions and to maximize the benefits of our work together.

I will bring compassion, accessibility, reliability, respect, confidentiality, and collaboration into our treatment relationship. 

I will take the time to get to know you and your goals for wellness and make recommendations based on a holistic and integrative perspective.

I will bring a cautious and conservative approach to medication while considering all aspects of your health in treatment planning.

I will encourage you to adjust lifestyle habits by providing education and coaching when needed to maximize your treatment results.

My role is to help you reach your goals by providing clinical expertise, education, and compassion in a safe and non-judgmental space. 

 By choosing to work with Dr. Stefani LaFrenierre, you’re not just receiving treatment; you’re gaining a trusted partner who prioritizes your wellness above all else. With flexible scheduling, extended appointment times, and direct access to your physician, you can expect a level of attention and support that transcends the limitations of standard healthcare. Whether you’re seeking relief from symptoms, exploring therapeutic options, or simply desiring a compassionate ear, our concierge service ensures that your concerns are heard and your goals are prioritized.

Experience the difference of Concierge Psychiatry and embark on a path towards lasting mental wellness, where you’re not just a patient, but a valued member of our healing community.

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Initial Visit

* Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire to assess psychiatric history, medical history, lifestyle habits, and goals for treatment

* 60 minute initial consultation

* Follow up appointments scheduled as needed (25 or 50 minutes)

* Treatment can include medication management, lifestyle coaching, supplement recommendations, blood test recommendations, and/or psychotherapy

* Can include ordering of follow up labs (separate fee charged for test and lab review)

* Can include genetic testing to optimize medications (separate fee charged for test & lab review)

Cost: $550 for Initial Visit

Follow Up Visits

Medication Management-25 minutes

Appointments are set after the initial visit to evaluate medication treatment effects. Also includes brief psychotherapy to continue to address individualized wellness goals. All treatment plans are integrative and include discussion and assessment of lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, and goals.

Cost: $250 per visit

Long Visits-50 minutes

Appointments can include customized therapy to help you advance towards your wellness goals, medication management, longer visits for urgent issues or to welcome family or other people to the visit who important to your care.

Cost: $450 per visit

Addiction psychiatry medicine concierge

Addiction Treatment

Dr. LaFrenierre is board-certified in Addiction Medicine and offers private consultations and medication assisted treatment (MAT) services. She also collaborates with case managers, referants, and intensive outpatient programs as needed to help her patients in her care.

Suboxone/Sublocade MAT–Includes weekly urine tests

Two (2) 25 minute visits monthly in person or telemedicine

$299 per month, includes seeing physician assistants 
$599 per month for care only with Dr. LaFrenierre

Intensive Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine with Case Management Coordination

Experience a new dimension of mental health care with Dr. LaFrenierre, your trusted partner in comprehensive and compassionate psychiatry. Now offering intensive outpatient concierge psychiatry!

By working with Dr. LaFrenierre, you’re entering a world of personalized attention and thoughtful guidance that truly prioritizes your well-being. Dr. LaFrenierre is a double board-certified Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine physician with years of experience in residential treatment centers, offering expert and compassionate care tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Intensive Concierge Psychiatry Includes the Following:

  • Weekly or biweekly in- person or telemedicine visits with our Double Board Certified Physician Dr. Stefani LaFrenierre


  • Access to our state-of-the-art clinic in Newport Beach where we offer IV hydration, Infrared Light Therapy, Aesthetics, Physician Developed Supplements, Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching. We also offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and can customize treatments for a variety of psychiatric and addiction conditions.


  • Dr. LaFrenierre and her team are available for urgent care coverage daily 9a-7p at each plan level.


  • Dr. LaFrenierre and her team handle all prescriptions, prior authorizations, and other medically necessary tests and paperwork for each plan.


  • Dr. LaFrenierre provides psychiatric and addiction treatment with as needed monthly collaboration meetings with outside case managers, therapists, referants, family, or intensive outpatient programs, up to 60 minutes per month of collaboration time.


Plan #1

Weekly MD Visits

60 minutes of Collaboration or Treatment Team Meetings

$2500 per Month
Plan #2

Two (2) MD visits a month

60 Minutes of Collaboration or Treatment Team Meetings



Plan #3

One (1) MD visit a month (for those who are stable)


*Add on Services at our Newport Beach Clinic available at discounted additional cost

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