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We specialize in cosmetic injectables customized to produce natural enhancements throughout the face. Not sure where to start? See our Menu of Services below. Consultations are Free!


Botox or Jeuveau-
Treat #11s, Crow’s Feet, Forehead Lines


Dermal Filler-Juvederm, Versa
Tear Trough boost

Upper Face

Mid Face

Well Rounded

Dermal Filler-Cheeks


Dermal Filler-Laugh lines, Smoker’s lines,
Marionette Lines

Lower Face

Perfect Pout

Dermal Filler-Lips, Marionette Lines


Dermal Filler-Chin

Lip Flip

Botox of Jeuveau-Cupid’s bow or Smoker’s Lines


Dermal Filler-Jawline

Make it Yours

Customized Treatment with Dermal Fillers and/or Botox/Jeuveau

Vitamin Injections

Customized Treatment with Dermal Fillers and/or Botox/Jeuveau

B12 – nourish the mind and body with the energizing effects of this B vitamin


ShapeUp– this blend of vitamins and amino acids enhances cognitive function, increases metabolism, regulates mood and promotes overall brain function.


Triple Defense– Glutathione, Vit C, Zinc, all combined to promote healing, healthy immune systems, and antioxidant protection. Perfect to Protect during Flu season


Pimple Release– Kenalog injection into up to 6 problematic acne sites to quickly resolve the pimple. Perfect 1-2 days before that big night out

$40/area treated up to 6 pimples

Glutathione- Add a dose of antioxidant to your routine to slow aging and boost immune system with this powerful peptide